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DNA Testing Method

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 Standard Legal DNA Test with all Testing Parties:        
$350.00 Standard Paternity Results 3-5 days [mother, child + alleged father], $150 add'l person  

$350.00 2 Party Case Results 3-5 days [child + alleged father], $150 each add'l person

Home Self Collection Non-Legal Preliminary DNA Test:
$190.00 Home Collection Results 3-5 days [with/without mother+child+alleged father] $100 each add'l 

$140.00 2 Party Home Collection Results 10 days [child+alleged father] $100.00 each add'l person   Additional fees for shipping   

Deceased Paternity / Family Study  (Call about $400.00 YSTR or $600.00 Mitochondrial testing )
$650.00 Paternity Deceased Father [one child, one mother and one Unusual Sample of deceased father] 
$150 each additional person  

$650.00 Family Study [one child, one mother, mother of alleged father, father of alleged father]
$150 each additional person

$750.00 Family Study No Mother [one child, mother of alleged father, father of alleged father] 
$150 each additional person

Siblingship Studies
$450.00 Identical Twin Study: [twins]
$650.00 Siblingship Studies: [2 siblings and 1 shared parent] 
$750.00 Siblingship Studies: [2 siblings and NO shared parent]

$470.00 Prenatal: [Amino or CVS Sample mother and alleged father] Call your OBGYN for collection

Unusual Samples Please Call for Price Quote
One Typical Unusual Sample: [Blood Stain, Fingernail Clippings 10, Ear wax on Swab, Toothbrush, Hair 
10 Strands with roots attached, Umbilical cord, Note: This DNA test can be done with or without the mother
 Please call testing starts @ $525.00

Non-Typical Unusual Sample: Please call for list of samples from mother or child or alleged father.
  Please call testing starts @ $725.00+

Infidelity Testing (Call about testing price for male or female samples)
Infidelity Testing For Viability: [1 Sample] $175.00 Semen ID                                                                                 $125.00 Type the DNA & $425.00 for comparison sample

Immigration Testing
Immigration Testing: [1 parent, child] $590.00, $200 each additional person

Maternity Testing
Legal Maternity Testing: [1 mother, 1 child] $350.00, $150 each additional child

Adoption Testing
Adoption Testing: [mother, child, alleged father(s)] $350.00, $150 each additional person


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